Income Protection for Your Peace of Mind Organised by a Reputable Business in Burnley, Lancashire

To cover all aspects of your life, the team at Magnum Financial Solutions in Burnley, Lancashire, offer a wide range of tailored protection packages. From life and critical illness plans and life cover to business and income protection plans, we take away all of the unnecessary jargon to ensure that you have a full understanding of the process.

Important Details about Income Protection 

Sometimes, things don’t always go to plan. You need to organise ways to cope financially if you are unable to work due to illness or injury so you can
pay the mortgage and other household bills, as well as maintaining your current lifestyle. There are a number of scenarios where an income protection plan may be beneficial.

These include helping:

  • Those with Family Responsibilities
  • Homeowners Looking to Protect Mortgage Payments
  • Anyone with Regular Monthly Outgoings, such as Loans, Credit Card Payments, Council Tax, and Other Bills
  • Self-Employed People Whose Income is Entirely Dependent on Them Working

Life and Critical Illness Cover

Life insurance offers valuable financial protection in the event of death. This could be used to repay your mortgage or to leave a lump sum to your partner or children or whoever you nominate. 

Other options include critical illness cover, which pays out a specified lump sum on diagnosis of a critical illness. This can be used to help you recover after being diagnosed, or to repay your mortgage to free up more of your income each month. Examples of critical illnesses are certain cancers, heart disease, heart attack and stroke, with many others also included. You can also look to us for advice regarding pensions and investments.

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